2 in 1 Equine and Canine products that we love!

It's highly likely that if you own a horse, you probably also own a dog. They work perfectly together, and horse events are guaranteed to be filled with an array of both animals! 
We have started to realise just how guilty we are of using equine products for our dog, and vice versa, so we thought we best share our top tips on making the most of one product!

1. Lead ropes

Lead ropes are, arguably, the best dog leads existing. They are durable, perfect length, and most importantly to the avid equestrian- there is always a spare one lying around!


 Lead ropes

2. Horse rugs as dog beds

It is not uncommon to see a puppy fast asleep in a winning woollen in the lorry at a horse event, with not a worry in the world. It's ironic that as horse riders we are often hesitant to let our horses in the paddock with their winning rugs, but puppies are always welcome to nestle down in them!

Horse rugs as dog beds


3. 'Matchy Matchy' rugs for horse and puppy

If you are a fan of 'matchy-matchy', there is a high chance you have probably purchased matching rugs for your horse and dog. With major Equine brands now producing both, you can't possibly say no! After all, you have to look the part at events- right?! Or alternately, shetland rugs are perfect for big dogs!

rugs for horse and puppy


4. Sharing supplements

We all know that feeling of buying an expensive supplement, only to find your horse won't eat it. Depending on the brand, there is a high chance you are able to feed it to your dog (check with the company first). Our favourite is definitely the equine/canine supplement '4cyte'!

Sharing supplements

5. Horse brushes and shampoo for both

We are quite guilty of popping the dogs in the wash bay and washing them with the horse's shampoo and brushes. Why purchase 2 brands, when you have already purchased expensive equine products?! 

**Check label prior to ensure it is safe to use non-equines.

Horse brushes and shampoo for both


Be sure to let us know of any tricks you have found that work for horses and dogs below

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