Improved safety & security

Our story

Equine Eye are global leaders in wireless horse and livestock surveillance cameras. Headquartered in Australia, we are focussed on improved safety and security for horses and other animals.

The company began with the launch of the (now) internationally best-selling trailer camera in 2021. Transporting a horse is a safety concern for many horse owners, yet the only credible trailer cameras on the market required expensive hard wiring.

We set about developing a wireless trailer camera with a powerful battery that live streamed video to the user’s phone. With an Australian-designed app, and great features like night vision audio, and magnetic attachment, the camera quickly grew in reputation and within a year was stocked across Australia and New Zealand. Within two years, Equine Eye was stocked by retailers across the globe including in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Overwhelmingly, customers were asking if they could use their trailer camera in paddocks and stables. It was clear that horse owners were calling out for an off-grid camera that could be used to monitor horse safety in locations that did not have any power or Wi-Fi.

After a nearly two-year development process, Equine Eye launched a 4G camera in late 2023 which is now selling internationally and has become popular with breeders, trainers and pleasure horse owners across all disciplines of the equine industry. The camera is also popular with farmers, dog owners and even truck drivers for its ability to monitor anything from anywhere.  

The 4G camera is wireless and portable; it doesn’t need power or Wi-Fi. It operates via a SIM card and has a powerful battery that lasts 35+ days before recharging is required, or it can be powered by a solar panel. Completely transportable, the camera can follow a horse from paddock to trailer to stable and be used anywhere that a 4G signal is available. This feature makes the 4G Universal camera the only camera you need on your property, or in transit. Importantly, the video feed from this camera can be accessed from anywhere in the world; there are no distance restrictions. The portability and ability to access the video feed from anywhere has made this camera a quick success.

Equine Eye is the most trusted international brand in horse cameras, and we are passionate about improved safety, security and peace of mind. Watch this space as we launch other tech innovations into the future that improve the wellbeing of horses and other animals.

Equine Eye is a sister company to popular leatherware company Lumiere Equestrian.


Our locations

Headquartered in South Australia, Lumiere also has a warehouse in Utah USA. This means US customers can enjoy US-based returns and exchanges.

Equine Eye is also stocked in retail shops across the globe. Please see our stockists page to find a retailer near you.

Lumiere Australia: St Agnes, South Australia, Australia

Lumiere USA: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.


Buy with confidence

Australian product & support

Being Australian based, our tech support team is in Australia. Our app has been custom designed by Australian app designers, unlike many other cameras on the market. This means you won’t order a camera to find it is shipped straight out of China, or install your camera and app to find a 'Chinglish' operating system. 

We offer 1 year warranty replacements on all cameras and take customer service and tech support seriously. 

Our goal is to continue to improve our camera products in line with the latest technological advancements and to release new products within our range that provide peace of mind and improved security to our customers. 

Our products are certified to Australian / New Zealand, European and American safety standards.

If you require tech support, our team can be contacted via:, by raising a ticket on our website, via the in-app tech support ticket request form or via Facebook inbox. We also have extensive FAQs for each camera on our website which link to ‘how to’ YouTube videos.


How long will my order take?

Australia: At checkout you will have the option to choose standard or express post within Australia. We dispatch within 48 hours during non-sale periods (please allow longer during sales periods) and shipping times are subject to Australia Post.

USA: Shipping times are generally 7-10 days.

We highly recommend setting up your camera well in advance of needing to use it for a specific purpose (eg a large trailer trip or foaling) so you have time to access support if you have any set-up issues.


Why buy from Equine Eye?

  • We are global leaders in surveillance cameras, stocked in retailers across the globe. We sell quality products that have been designed in Australia. Beware of imitations on the market.
  • Our tech support team is based in Australia, and on hand to help if you need any support (let’s face it, we all need a bit of help with technology sometimes).
  • We have two camera products available; a wireless trailer camera (short distance range) and a 4G universal camera (no distance restriction). If you’re unsure which camera is best for you, ask us so we can provide advice.
  • Both of our cameras live stream video to your mobile via Australian-designed apps.
  • Both cameras have advanced functionality like night vision, audio and recording.
  • Our 4G universal camera features motion detection recording, which means it is a brilliant security device.
  • Once you own an Equine Eye camera, you will wonder how you ever did without one. Thet provide increased safety, security and peace of mind improving the wellbeing of your horse, other livestock or the security of your property.