When towing your float there is a significantly bigger weight load that is required to stop behind your vehicle. Safety is a paramount priority for everyone on the road and your horses in the float. Read this short blog to learn everything you need to know about electric brakes!
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When towing a loaded float you no longer have to control just your tow vehicle but also the weight and force of your trailer behind it. This can be a problem when you need to come to a stop, with a large load on the back. An effective trailer braking system is a legal requirement but will also allow you to tow with confidence, knowing your vehicle can come to a quick stop, when you need it to.

Some light-duty trailers don't require brakes however, a loaded horse float is too heavy to pull smoothly without efficient braking systems.

It is a legal requirement in Australia that all trailers and horse floats exceeding 2000kg (GTM) are fitted with an efficient braking system on all wheels.

What are electric brakes?

Electric brakes use a sensor controlled by the tow vehicle’s brake lights. When the lights activate, so does the brake controller. This sends power down a separate heavy-duty circuit to the float brakes called an accelerometer, which senses the changes in momentum. When the driver presses the brake pedal, the brake controller applies power to the trailer brakes in proportion to the vehicle's momentum.

Electric Brakes

Where can I get electric brakes installed?

Most modern floats manufactured after 2015 already have electric brakes installed. Your vehicle will need an electric brake remote controller installed to control and activate the electric brakes on the float. You can get the controller installed by your local automotive electrician or mechanic.

How much do electric brake controllers cost?

The estimated cost of the controller unit and installation is approximately $700. With RedArc being the most popular brand to install.

TowPro Elite Electric Brake Controller


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