Float Essentials

We have compiled a list of some of our ‘must-haves’ for every float/trailer, to help you pack so you can enjoy your journey without any stress!

 Float Essentials

-       Most importantly, an up to date float service, including bearing, break and floor checks!

-       Trailer jacks for flat ground if you have to unhook- 2 bricks suffice as well.

-       Spare Tire and appropriate tools/jack, roadside flares if needed.

-       Tow Ball Lock.

-       Minimum of 2 battery-powered lights, in case you find yourself working in the dark with no power!

-       Spare water and buckets, for people and horses.

-       Equine (and additional human) first aid kit, which includes at a minimum poultices, bandages, thermometers, saline, stethoscope, pen and paper with vets on-call phone number, a flashlight, electrolytes, drink up or equivalent, clean towel, bucket and scissors.

-       Spare halter and lead.

-       Spare waterproof rug for your horse.

-       Spare sleeping bag/blanket for people.

-       Portable yards are great to take with you if you can, especially if you find yourself on the side of the road in a breakdown.

-       Extra hay, if you think you have enough, take a little more!

-       Emergency Contact List in your float, if you can stick it somewhere people can see this is even better.

-       Hay bags

-       Poo Scooper

-       Foldable Chairs

-       Equine Eye

Happy floating! 

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