Where To Position Your Horse In The Float / Trailer

It can be tricky to know the most beneficial bay to put your horse/s in when floating. In this blog we will unpack the details of weight distribution, trailer capacity, safety and more.
If you are transporting one horse in a straight load float/trailer it is safest for the horse to travel on the driver's side. If you are transporting two horses, load the heaviest horse on the driver's side. This will help keep the float balanced. Roads are usually crowned in the middle,  therefore the heavier horse should always be on the higher side to create even balance.
Transporting Horses
When transporting horses in angle load float/trailer, it is recommended that the heaviest horse is positioned over the wheel base or closet to the front when transporting multiple horses.  You want the float to be as level as possible once loaded so it's a good idea to observe how balanced the float and axels appear.
Additional weight factors to consider is gear/tack, living areas, portable yards  and water tanks. Depending on where these heavier items are located on the float it could hinder the balance once horses are loaded. If you're not sure ask your float manufacturer.
Horse Trailer
It is also really important to know the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) to ensure the weight of your float + horse(s) + cargo does not exceed the limit.

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