How does Equine Eye work?

Equine Eye is a 140 degree high definition camera that is completely wireless, and once charged (via the provided USB cord) provides more than 8 hours of battery life. 

It live streams video to your mobile phone via an intuitive app. The installation process only takes a couple of minutes and from there it is seamless to use.

What features does the camera have?

The Equine Eye camera comes with a range of clever features including: 

  • Up to 8 hours battery life
  • 2 min installation
  • Live video
  • Links to your mobile phone
  • Easy to install app
  • Audio link
  • Night vision
  • Magnetic connection
  • Motion detection
  • Range of 50+ metres
  • 1 year warranty

What comes with the camera?

Inside your box you will find:

  • Equine Eye battery powered camera
  • Mounting bracket for your float roof
  • Car bracket for your mobile phone
  • Charging cable
  • User guide

Do you have AfterPay?

Yes, AfterPay is available at checkout along with PayPal and credit card payment.

Can I use my phone and internet at the same time as the camera?

Yes - on an iPhone with the latest iOS14 update, you can. The app will ask if you would like wifi enabled. If you allow the wifi to remain active, apps like maps will continue to operate in the background.

On android phones it depends on the model being used as to whether this functionality is enabled.

Does the camera use my phone WIFI?

No, the camera creates an independent connection to your phone, a bit like a hotspot. It's not using a mobile phone network or the internet but instead a 'local area connection' (LAN).

Will the camera work without phone reception?

Yes, as the camera is not using a mobile phone network or the internet it does not require a signal. It will operate when out of phone reception.

What are your shipping costs?

A range of shipping options are available at check out:
Australia - $8.50 standard post and $15 express post.
New Zealand - $10 standard (untracked) post, $12.50 tracked post, $20 express post.
Rest of world - $17 standard (untracked) post, $22 tracked post, $30 express post

    Why do you say 'up to' 8 hours battery life? 

    The battery life of the camera is stated as a range, as a range of factors impact battery life including the amount of activity the camera is processing (ie amount of movement), along with distance the camera is transmitting to your mobile phone, and even the temperature. The cameras have been tested to +8 hours in the best conditions. 

    Can I use the camera in a gooseneck or extended float?

    Equine Eye is designed for use in standard floats and trucks, positioned at the front. If you have a large float with extended living area, or a truck / gooseneck and require a rear camera, you may need a hardwired device rather than a wireless camera. While the Equine Eye can transmit up to 50m, this distance is diminished if the camera needs to transmit through a lot of built infrastructure or horses. If you're unsure if the device will be suitable for your float / truck, we welcome you to purchase and offer the ability to return the product if you have any connectivity issues.

    Can I use the Equine Eye as a reversing camera?

    Yes, it's magnetic so can easily be detached from the float and re-positioned on the back of your car for use as a reversing camera.

    Can I use the Equine Eye as a stable or home camera?

      The device can also be connected to router-based internet for use in homes, stables and other places. Simply go into the camera settings and select ‘wifi setting’. From here, you can select your wifi network and input the password.

      Can I use the Equine Eye as a stable camera without wifi?

      The camera creates a hotspot for your phone to connect to, and the uninterrupted distance is approximately 50m. However, when you add in infrastructure (like walls ) that the connection has to transmit through, this distance lessens. If your house is within a close distance to your barn, the Equine Eye could be used as a stable camera!

      Where are you based?

      Equine Eye is based in South Australia.

      Is the camera certified?

      Yes, the camera is certified to Australia, New Zealand, European and American safety standards.