Ring Bag Essentials

Whether you are a dressage rider, showjumper or eventer, having a light but effective ring bag makes the warm-up much smoother for all involved. It's important your ring bag has everything your parent, partner, groom or friend may need to help make your transition from the warm-up ring to the competition ring as effortless as possible. 
 Here are our ring bag essentials! 

1. A backpack styled ring bag

Pop down to your local Kmart or Target, and grab yourself a nice looking backpack. If you warm up with bandages/boots, it helps if you can have a bag with compartments to separate sandy boots from gear. A backpack style, as opposed to a handbag, will make it much easier for your helper to carry all that you need without hurting their shoulders! 

A backpack styled ring bag

2. A microfibre towel

Having a microfibre towel means that you don't take up too much room, but you have a towel on hand for any last-minute slobber removal or boot shine! It's important to always head into the ring looking your best.

3. A Variety of Treats

Sugar cubes are great, but there are a variety of premade treats on the market. Your horse will thank you for it! 

4. Finishing Brush 

Great for getting sand off of your horses legs, or the bottom of the rider's boots/ stirrup irons when they mount. 

Finishing Brush

5. Tail Brush

For any last-minute tail detangling! 

6. A Hole Punch 

As mentioned in our grooming box blog, having a hole punch on hand is incredibly useful, and important for last-minute gear changes in warm-up. 

7. Times and Ring Number 

Having your exact time and the ring you're in written down and put in the ring bag means you never have to stress as you try to open the program on your phone. It is easy, quick and means you can get to your class on time! 

8. Spare Bridle Number

For when they fly away during warm-up, or break! 

9. Water

Stay hydrated (and use to put on towel to clean if needed)! 

10. Spare Studs

You never know when you may lose one. 

11. Sticky spray/cream

You will find most top showjumpers and dressage riders swear by sticky spray! It's important to have in your ring bag, so you can apply to your boots just before you go in.

Sticky spray/cream

12. Wound Treatment

Lastly, but equally important, is wound treatment. A gauze, bandage, tape and scissors should suffice, and are important if anything happens in the ring.

13. BONUS: Spare Air Vest Canister 

For the eventers- we all know (or have been) that person who pops their air vest before they have even got into the start box! Make sure you always have a canister on hand and corresponding Hex-key, just in case! 

Spare Air Vest Canister


What else do you have in your ring bag? Let us know below! 

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